The poorly received Warcraft film is getting a prequel comic

‘Bonds of Brotherhood’

So uh, that Warcraft film? Poor Duncan Jones.

Well, maybe not “poor” Duncan Jones as it seems to be such an international hit that the studio will make a profit on it (note however that films generally need to gross double their budget to compensate for marketing — Hollywood math!), but “poor” in the sense that this is another ill-received video game film on a critical level.

In any case if you’re still going to check it out (I will once it’s available to stream), you can read the “Bonds of Brotherhood” 112-page graphic novel, which takes place 30 years before the events of the movie. It’ll feature Medivh, Lother, and Llane on their journey to basically become the legends they are in the current lore.

I think I’ll just replay the games and check out the film, thanks.

Bonds of Brotherhood [Amazon]

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