The Pokemon Gold and Silver plush toy collection is available in the US

$10.99 each from the online Pokemon Center store

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I still can’t believe there are 28 forms of Unown not only in Pokémon but also in real life, as officially licensed plush toys. I marveled at that fact earlier this year when the Pokémon Center in Japan started taking pre-orders for the complete Pokémon Gold and Silver line of “Sitting Cuties,” and now that they’re available for purchase in the United States, I figured I should check back in. It’s time, friends.

The best-selling plushies from Gen I are Charizard, Lapras, Gengar, Vulpix, and Mewtwo – so which Gen II monsters are the most likely chart-toppers? Some designs are better-looking than others. I’m a die-hard Feraligatr trainer for life, but of the starters, Meganium turned out best. Politoed is also adorable.

Whatever you do, just don’t take a close look at Miltank – it ain’t right! That plush’s design is a little too accurate, if you catch my drift. A little too three-dimensional for its own good.

As with the previous line of Sitting Cuties, these Gold and Silver plushies cost $10.99 each.

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