The Podcastle re-opens for business: Recording on the morrow

After a brief hiatus, we open our doors for business once more. Destructoid’s Euro-flavored podcast, The Podcastle, is back to entertain you with foul-mouthed shenanigans and a shared hatred for people that are not us.We shall be recording tomorrow at 6pm GMT and you will LOVE it.

Myself, Wardrox and Atheistium will be discussing a smattering of European news, as well as E3, probably, although frankly I’m sick of talking about that annual false idol that we seem to think is important yet always end up surprised when it turns out to be a worthless waste of time and money. Also, we might talk about this rather awesome iTunes review:

This podcast is great. Jim sterling is a comedic genius, wardrox is bland and atheistium sounds like she can take a D good.

Can Lauren indeed take a “D” good? Could Wardrox take one better, albeit more blandly? The world needs to know. Personally I stopped reading after “Jim Sterling is a comedic genius.” I don’t care about much more than that. 

As ever, we need questions and comments, because Lord knows we’re incapable of padding out this dog and pony show on our own. Use the comment box below, we promise we might read what you write!

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