The Podcastle episode 4 records on the morrow

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Episode four of The Podcastle will be recording Sunday afternoon and will feature yours truly, along with able bodied and strong-thighed cohorts in Wardrox (don’t read his blog) and Atheistium (hates Mario). This week, we will be spending our discussion half of the show isolating and studying the much-despised delays that European versions of videogames get afflicted with.

One of the most common and irritating examples of the European market getting the shaft, obnoxious videogame delays are a blight and need to be fought with plenty of swearing and abuse of Wardrox, because it’s partly his fault. I heard Nintendo often delays games just because they don’t like the idea that Wardrox might play them.

If you have anything you want to add to the discussion, feel free to post your thoughts here. We should be starting the recording at 6pm GMT, unless we choose to make like Smash Bros. and delay it.

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