The Podcastle episode 32: Sheep on the Gaza strip

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In today’s hiccup-free episode of The Podcastle, we discuss the Six Days in Fallujah “controversy,” why a harmless PETA stunt in World of Warcraft caused undue outrage, and the insane popularity of the DSi. In less videogamey news, we also say some things about Jade Goody (the racist, blowjob-giving candle in the wind) and come up with a unique way of solving, or exacerbating, the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Thanks go to Shakey1245, again, for the awesome intro to this week’s episode. You can check us out at our usual hangout on the official Podcastle page, or subscribe via iTunes in that way you trendy gits do. Please enjoy the show after the listening to it with your ears!

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