The Podcastle episode 29: Underage pregnancy is NOT funny!

It’s time yet again for The Podcastle, Destructoid’s Britpop podcast. We have a really good show for you this week, which means that I thought it was decent but you may well disagree. We also have a very special guest star, who exists to prove that we’re not above exploiting children for cheap cutesy-poo garbage.

On this show we discuss:

  • Resident Evil 5: We played it
  • Videogames: We did not finish them
  • UK’s hottest Halo fan: We don’t think she likes Halo
  • Dirty 13-year-old father: We laugh at his little acorn winkie
  • Phalanxxx’s planned Podcastle comic: We ruin the fun
  • Yojimbo: We hate that guy

As always, you can listen to The Podcastle with your ears by checking out our official Podcastle page. Feel free to subscribe to us on iTunes if you can manage it. I can’t help thinking they kicked us off for being horrid.

Jim Sterling