The Podcastle episode 20: Podcastle LIVE II

I’d apologize for this being late, but considering that our regular post schedule means a Podcastle every other Tuesday, you are technically still getting this show two days early!

Okay, so it took a long time to get up, but between freelance work, Tokyo stuff, and my PC finally dying, it became difficult to get anything done. However, we finally have a show for you, our second attempt at a live show. We recorded this last week for the benefit of any Dtoid reader who fancied listening in, and I think we did a good job. The show was three hours long, but we’ve squeezed it down to two for a more streamlined listening experience. The recording is not up to the usual audio quality, but that’s a live show for you.

As always, you can listen on iTunes or download/stream from the official page. Have fun, and remember — if you’re expecting some deep and engaging videogame discussion … you’re listening to the wrong podcast. Thanks! Oh … and enjoy the header image. That’s our end of the deal fulfilled!

James Stephanie Sterling