The Podcastle episode 2 records tomorrow afternoon: The big three doth cower

The unholy trinity are united once more for a second trip to The Podcastle, Destructoid’s first and only Eurocentric podcast. This week, Atheistium, Wardrox and yours truly will be dedicating discussion on the “big three” of gaming and how they treat their European customers. Expect yet another round of swears and shouts as we take a look at how Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony handle European affairs.

As well as that, we’ll be discussing the British charts, talking you through our choice games of the week and spouting whatever other rubbish may swirl around inside of our mental heads. As ever, if you’d like to contribute to the discussion, feel free to leave a comment. Let us know your own thoughts on how the big three companies treat the PAL territories, ask some questions or just fill the page up with the memes that you’ve appropriated from other Web sites. It’s all good.

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