The Podcastle episode 15: The controversial episode

Yes folks, it’s that time — the eagerly anticipated controversial episode of The Podcastle has arrived, delivered at your feet as a cat might deliver a mangled bird with its jugular torn open. This episode runs considerably longer than usual (we’re talking RetroforceGO length, kids) but this is probably my favorite show we’ve done yet, so I hope you enjoy it.

Now, this IS the controversial episode, and a lot of it is tongue-in-cheek. We will be talking about a variety of games in unflattering ways, games you might love very much. Similarly … certain sensitive non-game topics may come up as well for some reason. Basically, I’m just issuing a cover-all disclaimer here: This podcast may/will offend you! Here’s the highlight reel:

  • Using the word *beep* three times in a row
  • Limbo of the Lost = ragamuffins stealing apples
  • Grand Theft Auto IV will turn you into a pedophile
  • Resident Evil 5 is … wait, did he just say *beep*?
  • Mass Effect hentai (DMV would be proud)
  • People who bitch about GameTrailers’ MGS4 review: STFUAJPG!
  • Nobody really likes ICO, Mario is past it, GTA IV sucks, CoD4 is worse than Halo, KOTOR is boring and more more more!
  • I’m not a retrist, I have retro friends
  • Some of the most amazing, disturbing and hilarious listener questions ever

All this and more is yours for the taking, my children! As always, the show is available to stream/download on the official page, or you can hit us up on iTunes. I also regret nothing.

James Stephanie Sterling