The Podcastle episode 12: Where we talk about things that happened

You love it, you terrible, terrible dogs. Put down that gun and get set to download another listening extravaganza in the form of The Podcastle: Episode 12. This week, Jim Sterling, Wardrox and Atheistium are joined by Amsterdam drug lord Insomnia to discuss random European gaming news … which pretty much turned into us talking about how successful Sony is over here.

Here are the highlights (or lowlights if you’re that way inclined) for this week’s show: 

Fat people on buses and the problem with old women.

Too many menopausal women: Silo Needed!

Atheistium hates Lost Odyssey’s Jansen. We disagree.

Wardrox talks GTA IV (I hear he hates it).

No RetroforceGO! this week? Meet PodcastleforceGO!

PS3 outsells 360 in Europe: A true indication of casual gaming? Really?

Phones and plastic bags can’t stop us talking about developers lacking incentive to translate games for Europe.

Terrorism solves everything.

Horrible sh*tty controllers.

User questions and why you should not keep posting on the Podcastle page.

Also, more gratuitous Liquid Snake impressions.

Download now or go listen to it on iTunes if you like that sort of thing.

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