The Podcastle episode 07 records soon

The Podcastle, Destructoid’s one and only Euro-flavored podcast, is recording in just over an hour. We’d have had this post up way sooner, but I was so busy masturbating and crying that I forgot. Tonight it will be myself, Atheistium, Wardrox and some guy called Wilbo. Wilbo sounds like a tramp’s name, so I am assuming he’ll just drink Special Brew and flash his knob at passing schoolchildren before being moved on by the council.

According to Wardrox, who now tells me what to think and feel and sometimes has to wash me, we’ll be discussing importing and piracy. The piracy bit was my idea. As ever, we hunger for your discussion input and question. Although we’re recording in an hour, we’ll be checking out reader input during the break, so you still have a good amount of time. Hop to it!

Jim Sterling