The Podcastle 5 records tomorrow: Legislation nation

It’s that gruesome time once again, as yet another trip to the dank and damp Podcastle is approaching. Atheistium is polishing the ramparts, yours truly has set the banquet table, and Wardrox has been let out of the dungeon for a bit. I’m pretending we live in an actual castle, you see, because it makes my dreary little life feel more exciting than it is.

Recording tomorrow evening at 6pm GMT, we will be discussing the way European politics have affected, or could possibly affect, the gaming world. From Gordon Brown wanting game developers to stop depicting knives, to Germany banning anything under the Sun, we’ll have a lot to talk about, but will probably ignore all that so we can swear and make gamers look really, really immature.

As ever, if you have anything you’d like to add to the discussion, please post your comments. We don’t just look for questions on The Podcastle, any addition to the topic is welcome and encouraged. See if you can spark some interesting discussion, because we sure as Hell can’t.

Jim Sterling