The Podcastle 18 records tomorrow: It won’t be called PAXcastle

Yeah, so Wardrox went to PAX while Atheistium and I did nothing but cry and masturbate. We skipped a week while The ‘Drox was off gallivanting in America, but we’re pleased to announce that The Podcastle is once again lowering its drawbridge and inviting ye of peasant stock to sup ale in our banquet hall once more. 

Our boy from the North will want to talk about all the fun he had at PAX, but there is also some general Euro news to cover, such as the fact that Ian “O hai I killed two schoolgirls” Huntley is allegedly provided with a Wii while wardens are asked to babysit him. We also have Germany’s game bannin’ shenanigans and the lack of an Xbox 360 price cut to complain about. 

All this and probably not much more is yours to enjoy and we will be recording at 6pm BST, so please provide us with your questions and comments, which we might read on the show, ensuring E-fame and E-riches beyond your wildest E-dreams.

James Stephanie Sterling