The Podcastle 17 records tonight: You are excited

Last episode, we tried a brand new live format that seemed to turn out moderately well. We will revisit the live arena all in due course, but this week we’re back in the secluded basement of the The Podcastle for a pre-recorded show.

We shall be discussing all sorts of Euro news, from Xbox Live’s European user base to the ridiculous hysteria bleeding over from Thailand. I bet you can’t wait, can you? Eh? EH? You lucky sods, you.

As we skipped out listener questions on the last show, feel free to repost them here, although we will definitely be rolling some of them over. Hey, why not even go crazy and post a brand new one as well? Go on, treat yourself, it’s a Tuesday after all. We’ll be recording at 6pm GMT, so get in your questions and comments, otherwise we’ll be punching a swan in the throat.

James Stephanie Sterling