The PlayStation Indies sale has some budget-friendly gems

Pick your poison from now until March 10

PlayStation Indies is my kinda sale, especially knowing how weirdly all-encompassing the “indie” label can be in 2021. You never know what you’re going to find in between higher-profile games, and to that end, there are a lot of names to sort through. The PS4-focused sale ends in two weeks on March 10.

On the better-known front, there’s Fall Guys ($14.99), Little Nightmares: Complete Edition ($7.49), Overcooked 2 ($12.49), Untitled Goose Game ($13.99), Slime Rancher ($5.99), Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition ($5.99), Slay the Spire ($13.74), Moving Out ($14.99), and The Witness ($9.99).

Some other names that stood out to me: Visage ($26.24), CrossCode ($13.99), Planet Coaster: Deluxe Edition ($41.99), Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom ($15.99), Fight’N Rage ($11.99), Beyond Blue ($13.99), Children of Morta ($10.99), Aggelos ($7.49), The Long Dark ($14.99), and Nex Machina ($5.99).

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners ($27.99), Job Simulator ($12.99), and Superhot VR ($9.99) are among the many PlayStation VR titles on sale. Reminder: a new PSVR model is coming but not for a while.

As for budget picks, I’d point to Soma ($2.99), Spelunky ($4.49), The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition ($4.49), Guacamelee ($2.99), Guacamelee 2 ($3.99), Donut County ($3.89), Hidden Through Time ($3.99), Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom ($2.99), SteamWorld Dig ($2.49), Machinarium ($3.74), Crypt of the NecroDancer ($2.99), and Super Time Force Ultra ($2.99). Mostly well-worn, I know, but just in case.

For a full alphabetized list of every game featured in the sale – it’s a long one! – consult the PlayStation Blog. Otherwise, if you’re browsing on a computer, there are over 20 store pages to flip through.

Jordan Devore
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