The PlayStation 3 is a failure … not my words!

Okay, many editors in the world of videogame journalism, myself included, have made fun of Sony and its handling of the PS3. As harsh as we may be, one thing we tend not to do is go as far as to say that the PlayStation 3 is a failure, especially this early in the current generation. One man, however, has thrown courtesy out of the window and asks, in his new book: Why Did the PS3 Fail? Tane Kiyoshi attempts to analyze why the PS3 has not been quite the wonderhorse Sony had hoped for, which could prove to be quite the fascinating read.

Fascinating it may be, but surely it’s a little early to slap “FAIL” on the PlayStation 3’s forehead already. Certainly, Sony has screwed up bigtime during the course of the PS3’s lifespan, and perhaps the console has been a failure in that it didn’t do what Sony wanted it to do at the right time. That said, there’s still everything to play for, and should the PlayStation 3 regain its lost ground, Tane Kiyoshi is going to look a little bit stupid.

It’s just a shame that it’s in Japanese.

[Via Canned Dogs

James Stephanie Sterling