The playable Zelda mod for Breath of the Wild keeps getting more impressive

Check out these recent videos

The modding community for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is consistently putting in work.

It feels like every time I check back in, there’s some new novelty, whether it’s Sonic the Hedgehog standing in for your horse or Linkle making a guest appearance from Hyrule Warriors. You might think a playable Zelda mod would be straightforward, but modders are going above and beyond.

Modder Trollsquad57 has been regularly posting Breath of the Wild mod videos. Over the past couple weeks they’ve uploaded a bunch of impressive Zelda-centric footage, and it’s all worth a look.

I’m obsessed with the Flamebreaker armor set. That hood!

This video is a particularly good showcase of how far the Zelda mod has come.

It’s even cooler that this stuff works on a Wii U. Props to QNando and everyone else involved.

Trollsquad57 [YouTube via Maxime Lebled]

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