The pink-colored DS lead to Ubisoft’s casual DS titles

Ubisoft has become the king of creating games specifically targeted for tween girls, in case you hadn’t noticed. You know, those games we tend to poke fun at on occasion? The ones that sell millions of copies? Yeah, those! Lord knows my younger sister has at least fifteen of ’em. Curse you, Ubisoft!

On CNBC’s Powering Ahead, we finally have the chance to hear about why the company has made a total shift in recent years to target this newly-found audience. Here’s what Ubisoft VP of marketing Tony Key had to say on the matter:

“The thing that really started getting us thinking about the girls was that Nintendo told us they were selling an enormous amount of pink DSs a couple years ago.”

Really? That was the reason? So … you’re not being facetious? I see. Sorry, all men reading this who happen to own a pink DS. Don’t be ashamed.

Quick aside: one of the show’s hosts used the phrase “double down.” Heh.

[Via Siliconera]

Jordan Devore
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