The Persona 5 ‘Take Your Heart’ premium edition is available on Amazon again

That Morgana plush, though

Now that we have a release date for Persona 5, Atlus has also pulled back the curtain on the best of the best editions of the game. That would be the “Take Your Heart” premium edition of the game, and it seemingly sold out soon after going up for pre-order.

Well, Amazon has more in stock but it’s unknown how long they’ll last. This edition runs $90 and comes with the game in a steelbook case, the soundtrack, a 64-page hardcover art book, a school bag, and a four-inch plush of Morgana. Not a bad haul for an extra $30.

Persona 5 won’t launch until Valentine’s Day 2017, meaning that it’s still eight months away. But, this is the one edition of the game you’ll probably have to wrap up early if you have no qualms pre-ordering. This edition takes you heart, Atlus takes your money. Seems like a fair trade.

Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition [Amazon]

Brett Makedonski
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