The pen is mightier than the sword in the latest Final Fantasy mobile game

Words do more than sticks and stones

The latest Final Fantasy mobile spin-off title (not pictured above, as there are currently no assets) will have players fighting enemies Typing of the Dead style. In Final Fantasy World Wide Words, players will fight enemies by inputting the letters of the words that appear as quickly as they can.

The game will feature characters and enemies from the entire series. It will also feature leveling up and abilities as well as a “Decoration” feature that allows players to add words to those on screen to increase their attack power.

Final Fantasy World Wide Words will launch in Japan on September 16 for Android and sometime soon for iOS, according to an upcoming issue of Famitsu. 

Edit: Eagle-eyed reader killias2 has pointed out that this game may be a free-to-play title, as evidenced by the original Japanese source. It looks like the game will be governed by “stamina,” which means there will likely be limits imposed on players, as those types of games tend to do. 

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Brittany Vincent