The PC port of Little King’s Story is in a much better place now

Time to give this another look

Little King’s Story? Great! A wonderful Wii game somewhat in the vein of Pikmin but with its own style and humor. Little King’s Story on PC? That’s another matter entirely. Summing up his assessment of the PC version, Patrick called it “playable” and noted that was “about as far as [he’d] be willing to go.”

Thankfully, things are looking up. There’s a substantial patch out today to address many of the issues plaguing the game and, notably, it was the work of port fixer extraordinaire Durante. He’s written an in-depth blog post detailing the problems and his solutions. To briefly sum up the patch:

  • A variety of optimizations for overall performance improvements.
  • Added multisampling anti-aliasing, transparency supersampling anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering options.
  • Implemented analog controls for Xinput-compatible gamepads.
  • Improved 60 FPS mode by fixing simulation time progression rate, speed of many effects and object animations, and the movement speed of NPCs and animals. However, some scripted movements during boss battles might still be sped up or broken, so added a workaround where you can press “F1” to enable a temporary 30 FPS lock in 60 FPS mode.
  • Replaced the game launcher with a new version with many usability improvements.
  • Fixed save game playtime being calculated incorrectly.

Publisher Xseed has also marked Little King’s Story down to $14.99 on Steam and the Humble Store for an extra push. This 40 percent off deal will last until Thursday, February 9. Worth considering!

Little King’s Story PC Relaunch – Guest Blog [Xseed Games]

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