The Overwatch League is getting a more reasonable schedule

Changes are coming next week with Stage 2

Last Saturday was such a great day for competitive Overwatch.

The Overwatch League held its Stage 1 Finals and as a fan of London Spitfire, there sure were some highs and lows. The team lost to New York Excelsior early in the day only to grind it out, topple the Houston Outlaws, and face NYXL again that evening. During the best-of-five title match, London was down two maps. It was looking grim. But in a show of endurance, they rallied. Some exceptional Widowmaker play by Birdring snowballed into back-to-back-to-back wins on Horizon Lunar Colony, Numbani, and finally Dorado. London Spitfire ended up taking the Stage 1 title along with $100,000.

It was a memorable event, don’t get me wrong, but boy did it stretch on.

For Stage 2 of the Overwatch League, Blizzard is making a few much-needed scheduling changes:

  • The weekday schedule will be standardized, with all Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday matches now starting at 4:00pm Pacific.
  • Saturday matches will begin at 1:00pm Pacific.
  • The Stage Finals are shifting to Sunday at 1:00pm Pacific “to help prevent fatigue on the part of players (and fans), and to properly highlight the Stage Finals playoff and championship games.” For Stage 2, the finals will happen on March 25.

It’s a tricky thing scheduling for viewers around the world, but I think this is an improvement.

I’m stoked for Stage 2 next week. New players are entering the fold, the incoming meta shift should put less emphasis on Mercy, and there are great rematches coming up. I wanna see shakeups.

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