The Overwatch beta is back and it brought loot

Progression system and new mode added

The closed beta for Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter Overwatch returns today in the Americas and Europe, and it has upgrades: a new progression system for cosmetic rewards, a capture-point mode called Control with a pair of maps, and the option to play against AI opponents.

That’s all well and good for folks who have access, isn’t it? Lucky!

The full patch notes are over here. Blizzard also detailed how progression and loot (cosmetics like icons, skins, emotes, and victory poses) will work in a separate post. You’ll gain experience for your overall Overwatch account by completing matches with any character, then earn a Loot Box containing four randomized, colored-by-rarity items upon leveling up.

After seeing the immensely satisfying unlock animation, I want it. All of it.

“In the Closed Beta right now, Loot Boxes can only be earned by leveling up your account, though we do intend for players to be able to purchase them with real money once the game is live,” said the studio. “We’ll share more details in the weeks ahead, including pricing information and how Loot Box purchasing will work, so stay tuned.”

Overwatch Beta: Player Progression Preview []

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