The Ouya’s best game is finally coming to Steam

I like the way you move

Before Goat Simulator, there was Amazing Frog?, a physics-driven make-your-own-fun sandbox game that’s so damn funny I’m willing to put up with the irksome question mark in the name.

It’s a game most of us have not actually played, though, what with it being exclusive to the Ouya. Amazing Frog? has since popped up on Steam Greenlight and this expanded version sounds, well, let’s just take it away from the description, shall we? It encapsulates the madness:

“Remastered bigger open world split screen sandbox. Shoot your froggy self out of cannons, dive off buildings, get Mad Ups on the Bouncy Castle and try to reach the Blimp. Fight for the crown, race moon buggies, collect TVs together, find Cats, be destructive or just flap around, there is loads to do when you’re a frog in Swindon. There’s also Party Mode – 4 player split screen crown snatching, gun shooting hilarity and more.”

So many things. With any luck, this’ll be approved and released on Steam before long.

You’re doing good work, Fayju. Keep it up.

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