The Outlast Trials new trailer starts out like Eli Roth’s Hostel before going very Outlast

A little torture porn to brighten your Saturday

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The Outlast Trials is going to be very scary, that much is a given. But, maybe it’ll also be very wince-inducing, the kind where you tense up your whole body and then realize your jaw is clenched way too tight.

We don’t know a ton about The Outlast Trials apart from its December 2019 reveal. Here’s what we know: It has optional four-player co-op, it’s set during the Cold War, and it’s not a VR game. That last bulletpoint might be tough to grapple with because the trailer makes it seem like a VR headset is put on the escaping protagonist. Nope, normal video game!

Anyway, Red Barrels knows how to make horror games and this seems like no deviation from that. The Outlast Trials is expected in 2021. We don’t know anything about platforms apart from PC.

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