The Outer Worlds site has been taken over, probably to tease a story DLC announcement

Help me figure out the jingle!

You can’t go to the Outer Worlds site right now without maneuvering through an ever-so-brief takeover. Try it for yourself. You’ll have to sit through Spacer’s Choice hawking some Adrena-Time. (“It’s not the best choice, it’s Spacer’s Choice!”)

This, more likely than not, is the start of a trail of teases for Outer Worlds‘ first campaign add-on. We’ve been told for months now that Obsidian’s latest RPG is getting story DLC, and it seems like we’ll finally hear something about it soon. Thus far, we can probably safely deduce that cheap-o corporation Spacer’s Choice plays a prominent role.

The timing has led plenty of people to speculate that a full-on reveal is coming as part of the Xbox Games Showcase on Thursday. That… could go either way. Xbox owns Obsidian, and it’ll definitely promote campaign DLC for a recent Game of the Year contender. But, this is a forward-looking event that’s focused on Xbox Series X games, and bringing something from last-gen might not show well. It might not be the time nor place.

If you’re curious, there are three click-thru images for Adrena-Time, all of which are in the gallery below. Now, if someone could help me out with the jingle, that’d be fantastic. I’ve been listening for like 15 minutes and cannot for the life of me make out the last word of the first line. “Show your boss that you are ____ because you take Adrena-Time.”

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