The Outer Worlds, our Game of the Year, is coming to Switch in March

March 6, to be exact

Obsidian has pulled back the curtain on the “TBA” release date for The Outer Worlds on Switch: it is now set for March 6, 2020, as confirmed to Destructoid.

It will go for $59.99 on the eShop and at retail: but note that publisher Private Division has confirmed that the physical boxed copy will just contain a game code, with no cart. You can check out the official Switch box in the gallery below.

I wonder how this port will fare financially and in terms of quality. A lot of folks have already taken advantage of that $1 Ultimate Game Pass deal, and have experienced Outer Worlds on PC and Xbox One. Still, you should never underestimate the Switch.

Plus, this game would be….adequately suited for the Switch (you were expecting perfect, right!) with its open sandboxes that are conducive to stop and go play sessions. But no game cart, when The Witcher III just pulled it off? Not so great.

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