The Outer Worlds is finally gonna get some big-ass font

20 out of 20 optometrists approve

The Outer Worlds launched last October with some tiny, baby-sized font. Only hawks could make out the text without squinting. A month later, developer Obsidian released an update that included a toggle for increasing the font size. It still wasn’t big enough for some people, especially the text for item descriptions.

Finally, we’re gonna get some huge, geriatric-certified font. Obsidian is introducing a font-size slider to Outer Worlds sometime this week. Here it is in all its glory:

Slide that bad boy all the way up and stop leaning toward your TV and straining your eyes. You’ll make more benevolent dialogue choices when you aren’t grumpy about the text size. Ergo, the world of The Outer Worlds will be a better place just because now there’s some big-ass font…probably, that is.

Brett Makedonski
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