The Orange Box sells more copies than Halo 3 last week, only 3,134,327 to go

According to Video Game Chartz, the Internet’s self-proclaimed “Most comprehensive videogame charts in the world,” the Xbox 360 version of Valve’s The Orange Box has outsold Halo 3 … last week. By the numbers (or would it be “numberz”?), The Orange Box moved 348,049 units, while Halo 3 was only pushing a paltry 285,860.

This seems like a nice victory for Valve, and they should relish in it. The Orange Box is (without much argument) one of the best values in console gaming. The fact that more Xbox 360 owners purchased The Orange Box last week than Halo 3 should have Valve employees finally partaking in all of that cake Electronic Arts has promised them.

Never mind the fact that Halo 3 came out a few weeks ago, and that it apparently broke entertainment industry records in its first day. Or that Halo 3 has moved some 3,482,376 units to date. The cake is not a lie, damn it. 

[Via Voodoo Extreme — Thanks, Justin]

Nick Chester