The only thing we love more than adorable kittens is blatant self-promotion

Watch the above video.

Now watch it again and make sure you pay attention to that dude’s shirt.

Do you have any idea how many tips we get on a daily basis from people who find our merchandise creeping around the dark corners of the Internet? They number in the 10s! If we’re the new Fark, I’m going to kill myself! 

[Many thanks to Broderick Shoemaker for the tip and for having the most awesome name that I’m hoping is real, but probably isn’t.] 

Earnest Cavalli
I'm Nex. I used to work here but my love of cash led me to take a gig with Wired. I still keep an eye on the 'toid, but to see what I'm really up to, you should either hit up my Vox or go have a look at the Wired media empire.