The only thing I know …

A video was posted this month that has caused quite a commotion. The guy who made the video knows it as well. In fact, he says multiple times that he expects you to be angry. It’s very possible that he is an attention seeker who just wants blogs like this one to talk about him. If so, I guess he wins. Either way, this video is quite stunning. 

It seems that the gentleman who made it took a rather melodramatic approach to blaming videogames for his being fat, divorced, and ignorant of karate, but I’ve already said too much. It would be easy for me to tear this video limb from limb and drink the blood that oozes from its rent flesh, but I wish not to spoil the treat for you. If you’ve not already watched this, prepare yourself for quite a treat. 

The only thing I know is that videogames are a complete waste of time, but making Youtube videos and begging your viewers to call you pretentious is a valuable and constructive use of a life.

Jim Sterling