The only file on the PC retail version of The Phantom Pain is a Steam installer

A single 8MB file for a 28GB game

Oh Konami, why do you do these things? Do you not know people are mad at you for recent events? Do you not know people have been avidly awaiting Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for years? How do you continue to fuck up, time and time again? How?

This time, Konami has managed to give a huge “fuck you” to any PC gamer who has an unstable connection or incredibly low Internet allowance. It has done that by making sure the only thing on the retail version of The Phantom Pain is an installer for the Steam client. The entire disc only has 8MB of data on it.

For most people, this won’t be a big problem. You can just pop in the on-disc key and download the game no problem. For plenty of people though (particularly those in Australia), a 28GB download could take days to install, or it could take up all of their monthly internet allowance.

The disc may as well be a coaster with “fuck you, download Steam” written on it for all the good it’ll do some people.

Does this affect any of you?

Joe Parlock