The official Splatoon 2 prologue essentially reads like fanfiction and I love it

The Squid Sisters are drifting apart

In case you haven’t heard, Nintendo is officially filling us in on the story between Splatoon and Splatoon 2, framed around the relationship of the Squid Sisters. In what basically reads like a script from a network drama, we’re slowly learning how their relationship (or any relationship really) is unraveling.

In the third chapter we find Marie out on the town, hamming it up with Crusty Sean (who was in the original) while Callie happens upon their meeting. On any other day she’d stop and say hi, but decides to leave her be because “[she] couldn’t remember the last time she’d see Marie talking so cheerfully with anyone besides her.” How subtly soul crushing!

If you’re into Splatoon at all it’s worth catching up on the three chapters on offer so far. It’s not a game-changing narrative but I love that Nintendo is putting this much effort into a barely two year old franchise. I mean it’s official — it’s here to stay — it even got love in Smash and Mario Kart.

Squid Sisters Stories [Nintendo]

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