The official Detroit: Become Human Twitter account has some choice words for Xbox fans

‘Stay away,’ is what I’d go with

While fanboys and fangirls may have no filter when it comes to insulting their opposition, usually professional or official Twitter accounts have some form of decorum for poking fun at their competition. I guess whomever is running the account for David Cage’s next “masterpiece,” Detroit Become Human, failed basic PR classes.

I have no idea how this got by anyone.

In the now removed tweet, you can see that clearly someone over at Quantic Dream isn’t exactly a fan of Microsoft or Xbox. They also seem to just outright dislike fans of Xbox, which could have a pretty big crossover with people who own PS4’s.

I mean, I can come up with a few witty retorts to that post. The first one that pops to my mind is, “Xbox One is better without David Cage,” but the fact that this tweet somehow made it through marketing is dazzling. It isn’t the most blatantly offensive sentence, but to insult people for deciding to go with a different console is like some ’90s era commercial schlock.

Sega basically did the same thing with the “Nintendon’t” campaign, but we’ve come a long way from succumbing to schoolyard name calling. Sega also didn’t insult people who owned Nintendo products, so there is that. This tweet, though, does nothing to address how Sony has a range of different exclusives not available on Xbox and vice versa. It doesn’t bring up the hardware of its specific platform or any kind of benefits. This is more like tooting your own horn before even seeing if you’re worth a damn.

Personally, I haven’t enjoyed a David Cage game in quite some time. I was big into Fahrenheit in high school, but I was also an angsty teen that listened to shitty music by bands like Seether and Fuel. Cage’s ridiculous melodrama and asinine plot twists worked for me because it was yearning to be taken seriously by a crowd that rejected it (namely film critics).

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that you don’t need to impress anyone with the things you like. You can listen to whatever you want and no one really cares. Well, some people will care, but they aren’t worth your time. You can enjoy something that is “bad” or less popular for reasons beyond trying to look edgy or being “unique”

For artists, if you craft something that is worth telling, most people will find it interesting and even naysayers will admit to the good points of your work. David Cage seems to have gotten lost up his own ass, and his work has become increasingly self-indulgent. One need look no further than Heavy Rain to see a story that has no logic and relies far too heavily on a nonsensical twist to shock players into enjoying the game. Even so, Heavy Rain has its fans and that is fine and dandy.

So to whomever this may concern over at Quantic Dream and Sony, tell your people to stay respectful. You can secretly hate us all you want, but just reign that crap in. At least let us live with the illusion that you care about us, because opening the flood gates is going to do more harm than good.

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Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.