The nurses of Silent Hill get their groove on

I’m warning you right now that this video is butt old. We’re talking 2007 here, but we’ve never seen or posted about it, and maybe some of you have never seen it, too. That would make it totally new to plenty of people out there. I mean, the views on YouTube are only 398,150, so there’s plenty of people for who it could be brand spanking new.

What is it, you ask, after I’ve uselessly attempted to not get “OLD!” in every comment on this post? It’s a very strange dance starring everyone’s favorite nurses from Silent Hill. I have to say it isn’t the greatest dance ever, and some of those ladies aren’t the best Silent Hill nurses ever, but it definitely wins points for being different and hella creepy. Plus, they’re dancing with scalpels.

Anyway, if it’s new to you, enjoy. If it isn’t, then, just like corn, you can enjoy it a second time.

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