The Nintendo World Championships will have The Legend of Zelda

It’s so bad

Fuck all the game and console announcements and fuck the cringe-worthy businessmen in blazers and t-shirts pretending to be excited about games, because the Nintendo World Championships is coming to E3 2015. It’s the most 1990s thing you’ve ever seen, and it’s kind of amazing.

It goes further than the logo ripped straight from Saved by the Bell too. Nintendo announced via twitter that The Legend of Zelda will be one of the games the top 16 Nintendo players in the world will compete in.

How the hell do you play Zelda competitively? Beats me! This is the first time in 25 years the World Championships has been run. The last one was in 1990 and was based on the movie The Wizard. Yeah, the one with the Power Glove. Nintendo wanted that to catch on.

The World Championships will take place at on Sunday, June 14 in Los Angeles, and qualifiers are currently being held in eight Best Buys across America. I’m failing to see where the “World” comes in to Nintendo World Championships. I know America think it’s the whole world, but this is extreme even for America.

Joe Parlock