The next Watch Dogs 2 DLC tackles self-driving cars and whose lives they should prioritize

What’s your life score?

Have you ever taken one of those psychopath morality tests? Here’s a good one. It tasks you with making callous and calculated decisions about who should die in a car accident. Like, is a pregnant woman’s life more valuable than a criminal’s? How about an elderly person versus a child? Or a disabled man versus an able-bodied man?

The next Watch Dogs 2 add-on confronts the real-world application of these sort of tests. In Human Conditions, the protagonists of Dedsec find out that Nudle (ostensibly Google) has self-driving cars that assign values to everyone’s lives. So, in an impending accident situation, the car will prioritize the safety of whomever it deems to be worth more. There are no emotions holding this technology back.

That’s just a third of Human Conditions, though. Another mission thread deals with hackers who have installed ransomware on the machines of Bay Area hospitals. Ubisoft hasn’t yet outlined the last plot line.

Human Conditions is said to be about five hours in length. There’s some timed-exclusivity going on as it’s available on PS4 on February 21, and on PC and Xbox One on March 23. 

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