The next US Splatfest tackles awful holiday gifts

A fat sack of coal!

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The final Splatoon 2 Splatfest of 2017 is nearly upon us and the topic up for debate is which bad holiday gift you’d rather receive. I don’t believe I’ve ever received either, but opening a sweater or a pair of socks is kind of like the same thing. Getting any kind of clothing from relatives is typically a crap shoot due to no one really understanding your specific style. I’ve definitely thrown many gifted coats into the closet to never be seen again.

The Splatfest will be held next week on December 15 at 9 pm PST. You can login to Splatoon 2 today and pick your side to get ready for the action.

Since I have to pick a poison, I’ll do socks. You can hide those easier under baggy pants or high top shoes. A sweater is front and center all the time, so bystanders will have to look at what your relatives thought was “cute.” I suppose you could hide it under a coat, but then you’ll be sweating your ass off and that sucks.

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