The next Smash Ultimate DLC fighter could be revealed as early as the start of October

Who are we betting on?

Oh yeah! Smash Ultimate still has five DLC characters to welcome at some point!

In the fervor of the next generation it was easy to forget about this particular development, but Min Min has been marinating for a bit in Ultimate, and now it’s time for the next big thing. When will that day actually arrive? Well, according to a new Japanese advertisement, possibly a few weeks from now.

Posted on Twitter by user Onua, it looks like a new advertisement is possibly teasing an October 4 announcement. The ad is scheduled to be removed on that date, potentially to make way for a new ad with the actual character on the invitation. If that’s the case, we might get a Smash Ultimate Direct on that date, with the character launching shortly after. Generally, it only takes a week (and change) for them to enter the fray after said Direct.

It could be anyone, folks! But given Sakurai’s recent comments about needing to meet developers overseas, we might be getting some western-based characters in the future.

Onua [Twitter]

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