The next Nioh demo will run from August 23 to September 6

And will have its feedback tweaks

This week at gamescom, Koei Tecmo has provided some updated information on the second Nioh demo, which will once again be held on the PS4 platform.

The second “beta demo” will start on August 23, and will run through September 6, at which point the program will be disabled once again. The publisher notes that this will be the second, and “final” chance to nab the [previous] Mark of the Conqueror and [new] Mark of the Strong DLCs. Players should “immediately” notice the changes based on feedback from the first trial run, and will feature new challenges as well as a new stage and a tutorial — plus, a headstart (weapons and extra money) if you completed the previous scenario.

If you were worried about all the talk of making the game more streamlined, there’s also a “Twilight” difficulty option, which lets you replay both demo stages with “stronger enemies and new creatures.” Hot damn do I love those extra Japanese modes in action games.

So yeah, this demo sounds pretty super-charged. If you haven’t played it already and remotely love classic action or Souls games, do it.

Chris Carter
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