The next Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak update is adding a lot of paid cosmetic DLC

Sunbreak update 2

It’s out on September 29

By the time the next Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak update hits, we’ll be entering a new era in terms of paid cosmetic DLC.

As revealed in Capcom’s “Online Program” TGS stream today, amid a number of content updates coming in Title Update 2 — including the Violet Mizutsune, Flaming Espinas, and Risen Chameleos monsters — is the ability to unlock layered weapons. As a reminder, “layered” is a mechanic similar to “transmog/glamour” in other games, where you can make certain items (or characters) look a certain way. It allows players more freedom to customize their avatars, without having to take the aesthetic form of your current gear.

In series fashion, goofy weapon skins like corn cobs and kebabs were shown, in addition to more serious designs like the “Lost Code” weaponry that looks like it’s out of a Gundam series. Beyond weapons, Capcom managed to throw in the phrase “various other paid DLC as well” in the stream, which they explained later in the presentation. Gestures, poses, hairstyles, and stickers were confirmed as part of the paid DLC initiative. There will also be weekly quests, with “unique rewards.” One gesture shown in the video was a character saying “best doggo” and shaking their Palamute’s hand.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Update Version 1.2 (Title Update 2) will arrive on September 29.

The current (as of September 2022) Sunbreak update roadmap:

Sunbreak update 23

Sunbreak update paid DLC/quest item previews:

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