The next Mario Tennis Aces patch includes the Bowser Jr. nerf everyone wants

Well, everyone except the Bowser Jr. mains

Mario Tennis Aces is about to get a little less frustrating. The most feared opponent — the one who’s frankly just too overpowered for fair competition — is getting rebalanced.

Nintendo plans to release Mario Tennis Aces patch 1.1.2 on July 19, and the headlining change is that Bowser Jr. is getting nerfed. The alterations include slowing him down and lowering his return angle. Nintendo also notes that it plans to further balance Bowser Jr. (and all characters) ahead of the August Mario Tennis Aces tournament.

There are some other important tidbits to pull from these patch notes. Trick shots have been reworked to some degree. Now, there is less space to pull off a trick shot, and late trick shots use up more energy. However, it will now take less time to recover energy. Also, body shot serves can’t be inflicted unless the ball bounces once.

Here’s the full version 1.1.2 Mario Tennis Aces patch notes:

  • Game Balance Updates
    For All Characters:
    • We have adjusted the range within which a character is able to return a ball, as well as how much energy is used when doing a Trick Shot to hit a ball that goes behind them.
        *We made the distance you can move and the scope between left and right shorter. We also shortened the time it takes to successfully recover energy and increased how much energy is used when a Trick Shot is late.
    • We have made it so that, when returning a serve, a ball cannot inflict a Body Shot until it bounces once.

    For Bowser Jr.:

    • We have adjusted how fast Bowser Jr. can move when charging a shot and lowered the angle at which he hits the ball back.
        *We plan to adjust the balance of this character further in time for the August tournament
  • Other Changes
    • Revised errors with text display.
  • Notice about the Rating system in Online Tournament
    • A ranking display based on Rating will be added to the ranking board starting with the August 2018 tournament.
      Along with this change, the Rating will not be shown on the Total Points Ranking board. If you want to check your Ratings for July, please check the Tournament chart.
    • Your Rating will change on a monthly basis based on the results of the previous month’s play. (This will be reflected starting with the switch from July to August.)
        *Ratings of 2,000 or less -> Start at 2,000
        *Ratings from 2,000-2,500 -> Same rating will be maintained
        *Rating of 2,500 or more -> 1/10 of the value will be added to 2,500
        *Value will be reset to 2,000 if the player did not play the previous month or if any questionable data is present. 

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