The next iPhone discovered?

A new model of iPhone was found in the wild. Literally. Some poor soul left the next and soon to be media-drenched Apple handheld in a bar in Redwood, CA. It soon found its way into the hands of tech site Gizmodo, who have taken tons of images and even dissected it for our pleasure.

So, why does this matter to the games audience? Gizmodo believes the device has a smaller, yet higher-resolution screen than Apple’s previous phone, the 3GS, meaning more visually profound games could hit the platform. The device also appears to have a bigger battery and a sleeker, more rectangular body than the 3GS, which means a lot more comfort and a little bit more life. Too bad we already upgraded.

[Update: Here’s the story behind how the iPhone was discovered.]

This is Apple’s Next iPhone [Gizmodo]

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