The next Fallout 76 PTS period is out now, and Bethesda is testing The Pitt

Fallout 76 PTS

From Ashes to Fire

The Fallout 76 content drops seemingly never end, which is…a good thing for folks who bought it and always wanted the game to improve. The next one involves a new Fallout 76 PTS period, which will add content to the live version “later this summer.” It’s more stuff for The Pitt!

Through the PTS you can partake in the “From Ashes to Fire” mission, as well as any quality of life upgrades and fixes that are part of the new build (a “new round of bug fixes” is already confirmed). To diffuse the confusion, The Pitt expeditions are already part of the game currently, as you’ll be able to go on little micro-quests there — but a bigger expansion is also coming eventually.

As a reminder, the Fallout 76 PTS has now fully moved to Steam at this point in Fallout 76‘s lifecycle, and is no longer tethered to the Bethesda Launcher in any shape or form. For more details on how to migrate all that over to Steam, read this article. Bethesda also keeps a running log of recent PTS updates, which patch notes, improvements, and fixes to boot. You can find that log here, just remember that it’s going to shift depending on feedback.

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