The next Call of Duty might be set in space in the far future

From Infinity Ward

The industry’s worst-kept secret is that a Call of Duty game is currently in development. Hell, Activision is very upfront with the public, noting that three entire studios are constantly churning them out — so they all technically have three-year development cycles.

But we still don’t have confirmation of what the next Call of Duty actually is, other than that it is being made by Infinity Ward. This new rumor might shed some light. Originating from NeoGAF, Eurogamer has independently verified that the next game will be set in space, possibly in the far future. The game’s setup is described as involving “warring sci-fi groups,” probably PMCs like every recent Call of Duty.

It would make perfect sense for Infinity Ward to drop the awful Ghost franchise, which even fans didn’t like, and this setting could breathe some fresh new life into the studio in general, who has produced some of the least interesting games over the past several years.

We’ve reached out to Activision for comment.

This year’s Call of Duty is set in space – report [Eurogamer]

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