The newest Xbox Game Pass perk? Anime.

Get two free months of Funimation

The value of Xbox Game Pass has been stated and restated many times over. Everyone knows exactly what they’re getting into with Xbox’s biggest subscription service. However, there’s a new perk and — make sure you’re sitting down for this one — it’s not a video game at all.

Microsoft and Funimation have collaborated to give Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers two free months of Funimation Premium Plus access. This Funimation tier grants access to the entire library (which includes favorites like Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Persona, and Full Metal Alchemist), has both subs and dubs as options, enables watching five streams at a time, and lets you download shows to watch offline. Typically, this costs $8 per month.

The promotion starts today, and it seems as though promo codes will be sent to eligible Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers in the perks tab of the app. (It hasn’t yet shown up in mine.) From there, you enter the code during checkout when signing up. According to the Funimation support page, this offer is only available to people who are first-time subscribers to Funimation. You’ll also need a credit card to sign up (and remember to cancel before you’re charged for the third month).

You have until November 25 to claim this offer. If you dabble in the anime, go get yourself a couple months for free.

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