The newest Pokemon on the (literal) block is Meltan

Willow and Oak muse on the discovery

Pokemon Go has moved on from the shackles of a shunned Niantic experiment and into the Pokemon universe. Professor Willow, the game’s mascot of sorts, has officially bridged the gap this past year with the questing system, leading to the full interaction between Go and Nintendo’s upcoming pair of Let’s Go Switch releases.

Now Willow is introducing a new Pokemon into the fray: Meltan. It’s a “Hex Nut Pokemon” of the steel variety, and is actually mythical in nature as part of the Let’s Go series and Go, as a “transformation of Ditto.” You can find the official art below as well as the trailer introducing it.

Players have been throwing shade at what constitutes a “mythical” creature recently, with the relatively normal looking Zeraora entering the mythical pantheon alongside of this…thing. I’ve never been one to hardcore gatekeep Pokemon (Meltan is kind of cute), but the bar for mythics is definitely different than it used to be!

Chris Carter
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