The new Shadow of the Beast packs in the Amiga original

With optional infinite lives

We’re a couple of weeks out from the Shadow of the Beast reimagining for PlayStation 4, and Heavy Spectrum has confirmed a much-appreciated unlockable bonus: the Amiga version of the original game. If you could never beat it before, you’ll be able to lean on an optional new infinite lives mode.

The studio is also tucking in David Whittaker’s original score as an alternate soundtrack for the new game, plus a “super hi-res” scan of Roger Dean’s painting used for the box art.

“As fans ourselves, it’s been a lot of fun adding all these little nods to the original game (and even a few other Psygnosis titles); some small, some not-so-small,” writes Heavy Spectrum CEO Matt Birch on the PlayStation Blog. “We hope that anyone else with fond memories of that era will find something to reminisce about, and maybe even newer players will be driven to look up a bit of gaming history!”

Shadow of the Beast will have a lot to live up to for fans (these sorts of remakes can go really well or horribly awry), but it’s nice to see some nostalgic extra features like this.

This is what the old one looks like, if you’re unfamiliar.

Jordan Devore
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