The new PUBG map is on an active volcano

Dropping hot

Everything, at all times, is dangerous in a battle royale. Everyone has the explicit goal of killing you, and that doesn’t make for a lot of downtime and easy breathing. Rarely, though, is the environment trying to kill you too.

PUBG‘s Season 9 introduces a very unstable battleground. A new map called Páramo is being added. Páramo takes place in the Andes mountains on an active volcano. Battle Royale meets Dante’s Inferno.

Páramo is the first dynamic map in PUBG. The developer hasn’t really indicated exactly what “dynamic” means in this context. It’s presumed that the volcano may or may not blow, and the lava it spews will create unique environmental hazards. However it works, it’s touted that every game will be different.

The other major change we know about is that Páramo will adopt the concept of a loot convoy from the Sanhok map. Páramo has supply choppers flying overhead. Shooting it enough times will get it to drop the weapons and gear that it’s carrying. Of course, that comes at the risk of giving away your position.

The volcano is set to erupt on October 21 when PUBG Season 9 arrives. Nelly would say “It’s getting hot in herre.”

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