The new Nvidia drivers are crashing systems… again

Avoid installing 364.51

Remember last week when a botched Nvidia driver was causing all sorts of nasty, potentially system-destroying problems on peoples’ PCs? Well, the driver that was supposed to fix those problems still has many of the exact same issues.

Performance drops, crashes, blue screens, freezes, and graphical artifacts and corruption are all being reported by users who have downloaded the 364.51 drivers, particularly from those on multiple-monitor systems. Considering 364.51 was released six whole days ago and still hasn’t been pulled from download, an actually fixed driver may, unfortunately, be a long time coming.

The latest stable driver release is 362.00, released on March 1. If you’re running that or an earlier driver, you should be okay.

If you’ve already installed 364.47 or 364.51 and are having problems, boot your computer in safe mode and use a program like Display Driver Uninstaller to completely remove them from your system and reinstall the 362.00 drivers instead. The problems don’t appear to be instantaneous, so those running it without issue should still be cautious.

Oh the joys of PC gaming. We have contacted Nvidia for comment on this, and will update this story should we get a response.

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